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Bozo the Hozo the Christian Clown 


Family Entertainment & Family Engagement

We understand that planning a birthday party or an event can be a fun time, but stressful at the same time.  We believe in making events that we are a part of fun and stress free.  At Merry Masctos and Bryant Enterprises Family Entertainment, we are about family entertainment and family engagement.  

We provide family entertainment through Bozo the Hozo the Christian Clown, David the Balloon Twister, and from our 90 plus Costumed Mascot Characters that we can provide.  Children should be allowed to have fun, feel heard, and feel important at parties and events.  We understand that children are connected to families, so we like to involve families in some of the things we do.  Families are important.

About Bozo the Hozo the Christian Clown

  Bozo the Hozo is a very funny and energetic clown. He is very talented and makes children of all ages (including adults) feel good as he dances, sings, makes balloon animals, and clowns around.  Bozo the Hozo travels across Texas going to various events.

              Be the next person to enjoy this silly clown!

When given the chance to address a crowd of children, whether he is making a guest appearance in children’s church or entertaining at a birthday party, Bozo the Hozo loves to give everyone a positive message in a fun and loving way.

Although Bozo the Hozo resides in Caldwell County, just south of Austin, he will travel across Texas for various events like birthday parties, holiday surprises, festivals, nursing home visits, youth lock-ins, and summer camp appearances. One camp that Bozo the Hozo the Christian Clown loves visiting every year is Loose the Youth camp in Victoria, Texas.

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