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What is Merry Mascots?

TMerry Mascots & Party Rentals is party and event entertainment company that is a subsidiary of Bryant Enterprises Family Entertainment LLC. Merry Mascots was formed January 2019. A majority of the inventory from Merry Mascots was purchased from the previous business owners, AnaMaria’s Party Mascots. The owners of Merry Mascots have 20 years of experience entertaining children and families at parties, daycares, schools, summer camps, churches, and parades. Fun Fact- Bryant Enterprises Family Entertainment has published children’s books, produced YouTube show, has been hired for workshops and training across the nation, and has worked with national televisions shows. More information can be found at add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

How do I book a Merry Mascot or rent a costume?

You can book a Merry Mascot several ways. Through emailing us, calling us, texting us, Facebooking us, or filling out our contact us form on this site. You can also book us through our GigSalad link that we have at the bottomo of our home page and on our Contact Us page. We will do our best to answer any questions and even provide photos of our Merry Mascots if needed. When you are ready to reserve our Merry Mascot and book us for your big day, we ask for a booking fee.

How long is a typical Merry Mascots show/booking?

A typical Merry Mascots booking is 30 minutes. This allows the children and families to take photos with their favorite character, play a couple of games, dance, and sing Happy Birthday. Even with battery operated fans inside of the Mascot heads, it gets hot in the Mascot Costume for our performers. So we try to make sure our performers are okay and do not get overheated.

Can I book you for longer than 30 minutes?

Yes, you may. You can book us for an hour, 2 hours, or more. We just require about a 10-15 minute break after 30 or 45 minutes. Our Merry Mascot performer would then take a small break, where they can re-hydrate and get some cooler air.

Where is your service area?

We are based out of Lockhart, Texas, but we will travel to where you need us. Most of our parties and events have been in Texas, but we will travel out of state as well. So, the United States is our service area, with an emphasis on Central Texas.

  • Who is behind the mascot? Do you do background checks on them?

The person behind your child’s favorite Merry Mascot character is an individual that we have sat down with, spent time with, and interviewed for this position. They are an individual who love working with children and have years of experience doing so. They have gone through background checks and training with us on the do’s and don’ts of working with children and entertaining at parties. We strive to provide continuing education in child safety, basic first aid, and basic child development. We do background checks on our Merry Mascots Performers to ensure the person behind the mascot meets our guidelines as a business and as parents ourselves.

Do you all bring games to the party?

We do bring games if needed to the party. Some of the games we play are The Hokey Pokey, Follow The Leader, Limbo, Simon Says, Freeze Dance, and Statue Contest. Some of the favorite songs we play are Baby Shark, Macarena, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, YMCA, Cha Cha Slide, and more. If we know in advance, we can even play your child’s favorite song.

Is there a difference between hiring a Merry Mascot Performer and Renting a Merry Mascot Costume?

Yes, there is a difference. When you hire a Merry Mascot Performer, we send a performer to come entertain at your event wearing our Merry Mascot Costume. They assume the character and help entertain and help your birthday star to enjoy their day. You can hire as many Merry Mascots as you need, and we can send the performers out.

When you rent a Merry Mascot Costume, you are responsible for finding a family member, friend, or employee, 16 years of age and older to perform and wear the costume. Some families like to be creative and use 1 or 2 of our Merry Mascot Performers and then rent an additional Merry Mascot Costume while they supply a person to wear the last costume and be part of the entertainment.

What is the cancellation policy?

At Merry Mascots & Party Rentals, we know that life happens and there are some things out of your control. We get it. Our cancellation policy is pretty simple. The sooner we know you would like to cancel your party with us the better. The $50 booking fee would be non-refundable. The remaining balance you may have paid would be refunded. This policy is in place all the way up to 24 hours before your event. If you cancel your party with only a 24-hour notice, we will ask that the entire balance be paid.

  • Do you perform in inclement weather?

Because of the material that our Merry Mascots are made of, we do not perform in the rain. We will, however, perform inside or under a covering if it is raining. If the road condition is not safe for us to drive on in the event of extreme cold, rain, or tornado force winds, we will not put on performers on the road to come to your event. In those extreme cases, we will notify you with a phone call, and all monies minus the booking fee will be refunded. We will work to reschedule our appearance if that is the best option for your family.

Why do I need a rental agreement when I rent a Merry Mascot Costume?

Although we trust you and believe you will treat our Merry Mascot Costumes with the utmost care and respect, we still like to have a rental agreement so that everything is clear for you and for us. In the rental agreement we cover the rules and guidelines for our Merry Mascot Costume and the ideal candidates to wear the costume. We also cover the items you will be renting from us and the cost of the entire Merry Mascot Costume should you lose it, damage it beyond repair, or decide to keep the costume.

Do you have a store location?

No, we do not have a physical store location. Everything is online. We do our best to have content updated on our website and social media of the inventory we offer. If you do not see something that you are wanting, just ask.

If you do not have a store, how do I pick up my Merry Mascot Costume Rental if I am renting my costume?

That part is simple. We arrange an agreed upon place in Lockhart, sometimes our warehouse, but most of the time a public store parking lot. We also offer the option for one of our drivers to deliver our Merry Mascots Costume to you and to pick it up for an additional fee.

How easy it is for me to rent and wear the costume?

It is a very simple process for you to rent and wear a Merry Mascot Costume yourself or to have a family member or friend wear it for you. With every costume rental, we ensure a rental agreement is filled out. In the agreement, we explain simple rules to maintain and properly care for our Merry Mascot costume while in your possession.

What is a booking fee? Is it refundable?

The booking fee for clients to pay towards reserving their party on our calendar is $50. It ensures your child’s favorite character is available on the date and time that you need us. We do have several calls a day for parties and we want to be sure we are able to accurately share with families the inventory we have available. The $50 will go towards the overall cost of the booking. The remaining balance would be due the day of the party. The $50 booking fee is non-refundable.

When do I pay my remaining balance?

After you pay the booking fee to reserve your party, you can pay the remaining balance any time up until the day of the party. If you have not paid your remaining balance, we ask that you take care of your final balance when we arrive at your party. Once we arrive at the party, we will come check in with you to let you know we have arrived and answer any final questions. After we receive final payment, we transform into our Merry Mascot character to get ready to make the magic happen.

Besides Mascots, do you provide other entertainment?

Yes, we also provide balloon twisting and balloon shows, clowns, face painting, and bounce houses.

What do you need from me as the parent? How can I help?

Some of the things that can be helpful for us as we begin to work together is your child’s age, first name, the city your party/event will be in, and whether your party be inside our outside. Once we arrive, it is sometimes helpful to introduce your child to our Merry Mascot Character. We have found this especially helpful for children who may be excited, but a bit scared of their favorite Merry Mascot character. And always please like us on Facebook and Instagram!

Merry Mascots


"We hired [Merry Mascots] to wear our mascot in our tradeshow booth. He was PHENOMENAL! Great attitude, professionalism, and energy... I would hire him again in a second! Highly Recommended!!!"



"Very Professional and always in contact for any questions or concerns. My 2 yr old was amazed and couldn't believe her eyes. I can honestly say I was glad everyone's attention was on them because I had tears of joy seeing my little one so so happy. Thank you very much for the memorable moment and I will continue to use [Merry Mascots] for future events."

- Diego


"[Merry Mascots] kept all the kids involved and engaged with lots of tricks. Also was very professional and on time with everything. I will definitely hire again for any future need and strongly recommend [them] with 5-star rating to all my friends and family."



"[My daughter's] party was a success!! Special thanks to Merry Mascots and Party Rentals for your services."

-Mary Jane


"I love how much you and your family do for the kids in the community!! God bless y'all!!"

- Irene



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